Wild Daisy Cappuccino Cup


A charming handmade pottery cup, adorned with delicate wild daisies that symbolize delight and promise. Carefully crafted using luxurious porcelain clay, this cappuccino cup is a testament to nature's beauty, as each daisy that decorates the surface was harvested from my very own garden.

The exterior of this delightful cup features a soft and velvety matte texture, while the glossy interior ensures effortless cleaning after each use.

Perfect for savouring your cappuccino or long espresso, this cup is both a functional and artistic addition to your collection. Enjoy a touch of nature's elegance with every sip.

  • Approximately 9.5cm wide by 6.5cm tall
  • Holds approximately 300mL (or 10oz)
  • Hand-washing recommended, microwave safe
  • Gift box and artist card included

Part of the Shadow Flowers Collection

Please note: this ceramic artwork is handcrafted and created in multiples. Yours will be similar but not identical to the example shown here. Learn more.

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