2" Mini Garden Bird Tiles (Set of Four)

$82.00 CAD

These 2x2" handmade ceramic tiles were based on my original sketches of favourite birds from our garden – a nuthatch, wren, house finch and chickadee. 

Each tile features a watercolour-style painting and glossy finish with subtle texture that catches the light. A whimsical accent for your backsplash installation.


  • Sold as a set of four tiles (one of each design)
  • Glossy surface is smooth, durable and will not fade
  • High-fired glazed ceramic material is resistant to water and heat

Every tile is lovingly crafted by hand in small batches and has its own unique character. These high-quality tiles are fired in an electric kiln to approximately 2170 degrees Fahrenheit. Read my "making of" journal entry here.

Want to display these mini tiles on the wall? I'm happy to install a sturdy alligator tooth hook on the back of your tiles (see photo) so that you can hang them from a nail or picture hanger.

Stated size is nominal. Each tile is approximately 1.8” wide x 1.8” tall x 3⁄8” thick at the edge.