Welcome to my studio.

My work is greatly inspired by the Romantic art period, especially the Art Nouveau movement that started in Paris during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Most of the art pieces from this period feature long, organic lines and asymmetrical designs. The subject matter often features flowing vines, insect wings, mythical creatures, delicate natural objects and ornamental accents – which are themes that I always find myself drawn to.

When creating my ceramics, I often use the technique called mishima to draw my designs into clay with a small, sharp knife. My drawings are often created spontaneously and intuitively, sometimes using photography as reference for main elements. Once the drawing is completed, I trail liquid clay along the surface to accentuate certain parts and add organic texture. To complete this stage, I fill my lines with a rich black underglaze.

Once the line-work is completed, I use several layers of colour in light washes to create a dreamy under-painting. Each piece is finished with transparent or translucent glaze, to create an ethereal feeling, almost like you are viewing the painting through still water.

Ultimately, I aim for my artwork to become an enchanting, treasured object that evokes the dreamy wonder you experience when walking through a wild garden or enchanted forest. 

My studio is called Briar Rose Atelier. The name Briar Rose comes from my favourite type of wild rose, one of the first that ever existed. An Atelier is a French word for the private workshop of a professional artist.

Thank you for your interest – it’s a joy to create and contribute something back to this magical and inspiring world.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my work.

Ashley Odell