4" Tufted Titmouse Bird Art Tile

$42.00 CAD

This 4" handmade ceramic tile was based on my original sketches of the greyish-blue Tufted Titmouse birds from our local trails and gardens. 

These tiles are part of my Enchanted Forest collection, which features a series of birds, animals and woodland flora. Arrange these tiles in any combination for wall decor and permanent installation.

Each tile features a watercolour-style painting and glossy finish with subtle texture that catches the light. You will receive a similar tile as the example shown here. As they are painted by hand, each one is unique.


  • Sold individually
  • Ready for gift giving, packaged with care
  • Glossy surface is smooth, durable and will not fade
  • High-fired glazed ceramic material is resistant to water and heat

Every tile is lovingly crafted by hand in small batches and has its own unique character. These high-quality tiles are fired in an electric kiln to approximately 2170 degrees Fahrenheit.

Want to display this art tile on the wall? I'm happy to install a sturdy alligator tooth hook on the back of your tile (see photo) so that you can hang your tile from a nail or picture hanger. 

Stated size is nominal. Each tile is approximately 3.8” wide x 3.8” tall x 3⁄8” thick at the edge.