handmade ceramic plate made by canadian artist Ashley Keller

Making a Ceramic Mug and Plate

In this studio vlog, I have a pottery wheel throwing video for you that features a real-time demo where I create an altered ceramic mug and fancy plate from clay.
June 23, 2022 — Ashley Keller
ashley from briar rose atelier

Studio Vlog #002 – Studio Reveal and Carving a Mug (Mishima)

Revealing my completed studio renovation plus some behind-the-scenes footage of my new sketchbook and how I carve my illustrations into a mug.
April 18, 2022 — Ashley Keller
Throwing Porcelain Pottery Mug on a Wheel

Studio Vlog #001 – Saying Hello and Throwing a Mug

Watch my video update on the studio renovation and enjoy some relaxing behind-the-scenes pottery making.
February 16, 2022 — Ashley Keller
Making Garden Bird Mini Tiles

Making Garden Bird Mini Tiles

A little glimpse into the making of my newest series of handmade, ceramic mini art tiles inspired by common garden birds. It all starts with a sketch and the desire to bring a new idea to life.
August 27, 2021 — Ashley Keller
Fragments from Bird on a Wire

Fragments from Bird on a Wire

Lately, I have been working to the timeless music of Leonard Cohen. I will always remember the first time that I heard one of his songs. It was Bird on a Wire.
May 05, 2021 — Ashley Keller
Reflections on Family Tradition

Reflections on Family Tradition

For as long as I can remember, our family celebrated the holidays with pomegranates. On Christmas Eve, we would place our stockings at the end of the bed. In the morning, each stocking would always be filled with small gifts and topped with the heavy, red fruit.
December 26, 2019 — Ashley Keller
Tags: Reflections
The Silhouettes of Trees at Night

The Silhouettes of Trees at Night

The minute I discovered these images from Art Young's pen and ink drawing series "Trees at Night" from the 1920s, I was completely enthralled by them. There has always been something about the shapes and movements of trees that has called to me.

November 26, 2019 — Ashley Keller
Tags: Coveting
Fragments from Letters to a Young Poet

Fragments from Letters to a Young Poet

Despite the title, Rilke’s words are not limited to only the young or only poets. Over the past year, I have been reading (and re-reading) the letters and found them quite moving.
November 19, 2019 — Ashley Keller